Minute Kitchen episode 4 is here! It’s back to school time so this week I decided to take a request for an easy, healthy, dorm ready recipe and this is it! The great thing about this dish, besides being vegan and gluten free, is that all you need to make it is a microwave and a cutting surface! The jars are totally customizable to your favorite veggies and will last about a week in the fridge so make them ahead and you’ll have amazing grab & go meals every day!

Each jar is 353 calories, 13g fat, 48 carbs, and 14g protein.


Minute Kitchen is my brand new cooking show. It teaches you how to make an easy, delicious recipe that just happens to be great for you too all in just 1 beautiful minute! Check out all the videos here, new videos go up every Wednesday!





After hiking for twelve hours out of a nineteen hour trek, it was time to watch the sunrise at Dinosaur Ridge. When we first looked out, the mountains were completely covered by clouds, but within an hour the clouds dropped and this was what we saw. It felt like heaven, and you could hear everyone present for this moment screaming and shouting for joy! I’d never seen something so incredible, I had to meditate and have gratitude to have experienced this. Some locals said that they’d never seen the mountains like this, even in their 40+ years of hiking there. (© Ka Ram Shim/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)

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İnsanlar neler yapıyor, nerelere gidiyor. 

This is stunning

(Source: The Atlantic)

(Source: dolphinlife)